Tyre Recycling

tonnes of tyres given a second life

Fighting Pollution

Tyres are hazardous waste. Instead of letting these hazardous waste materials accumulate and pollute the environment, we recycle them into pellets.

Not wasting resources

Nothing leaves the tyre in the wind. We extract rubber pellets in various fractions, as well as rubber powder and metal.

Second Life

We use the rubber pellets to produce Cover Power rubber tiles, and pass on the metal to other manufacturers.

Recycling Cycle

Metal Separation

The tyres are separated from the metal wires and shredded. The magnet filters out the remaining metal.

Breakdown Fractions

The granules are precisely separated into several fractions, from coarse to powder, using special technology.

Second Life

The granules are used to produce a variety of products: rubber tiles, asphalt bases, sleeping policemen, kerbs and so on.


Unique technology

R-Technology is the only company in Latvia that handles the entire recycling process, from tyre to finished product.

For a Cleaner Baltics

Our mission is to ensure a green Baltics by saving more than 300 tonnes of tyres from ending up in nature and waterways every month.