About Us

20 years ago, a group of like-minded people came up with the idea of giving used car tires a second life. A team was formed, which started the development and implementation of the idea in Latvia. In 2012, as the company expanded, it took the next step: to produce rubber products from rubber granules for playgrounds, sports, stables, roof protection, terraces and yards. Our main goal is to recycle used car tires and produce safe rubber coverings. We regularly test and improve our products, cooperate with laboratories, TÜV to guarantee maximum quality product.

In 2022, we started expansion works in the production part. We created a new production line that allows us to produce twice as many products as before.

At the beginning of 2023, we have completed improvements to the tire recycling line, which allows us to recycle already 4,000 tons of tires per year. Currently, our rubber tiles and granules are distributed throughout Europe.