A second life for used tires
tonnes of tires that have been given a second life

fighting Pollution

Tires are classified as hazardous waste. We recycle them into pellets so that they don't accumulate and pollute the environment.

Zero-Waste Process

100% of the tire is reused. We obtain rubber granules of various fractions, as well as rubber powder and metal

Second Life

We use rubber granules for the production of Cover Power rubber tiles, while the metal is transferred to other manufacturers.​​

Recycling Process

Metal Separation

Tires are separated from the metal wires and shredded. The remaining metal is filtered out with a magnet.

Division in Fractions

With a special technology, the obtained granule is precisely divided into several fractions, from coarse to powder.

Second Life

Granule is used to produce various products: rubber tiles, asphalt base, traffic speed barriers, curbs and so on.


Unique technology

R-Technology is the only company in Latvia that performs the entire recycling process, from an old tire to a new finished product.

For cleaner future

Our mission is to ensure a green Baltic by saving more than 300 tons of tires from entering nature and waterways every month.

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