For Playgrounds

Safe and esthetic flooring for children playgrounds

CoverPower rubber tile decking is ideally suitable for children indoor and outdoor playgrounds. It has shock absorption properties, it is soothing, and prevents from obtaining grave physical injuries. The flooring drains the moisture, is decorative and is simply maintained without any chemical agents.

Standard size: 50×50 cm
Tile thickness: 20–50 mm
6 colors: green, red, yellow, light grey, brown and black

The main advantages of decking

  • Absorbs shocks and reduces impact of mechanic injuries
  • Good surface adherence under any weather conditions
  • Maximal moisture drainage
  • Sound dampening
  • Esthetic appearance
  • Selection from 6 colors—a desirable design can be created
  • Simple assembling—can be done also by own hands
  • Convenient for changing and forming modules—also by parts
  • Simply maintained

Standard EN 1177

CoverPower rubber tiles comply with the EU Standard EN 1177, thus confirming compliance with one of the most important rubber tile’s parameters—maximal absorption of mechanic injuries and amortization of shock.

3 steps to finished rubber tile decking

  1. Connect rubber tiles by plastic pins, while inserting them in holes at tile sides.
  2. Interconnect tiles so that the tiles are decked alternately.
  3. Continue connecting the tiles, until all designed area is decked.

Practical advice for outstanding result

Do not deck the rubber tiles, if the air temperature is below 4 °C.

For tiles to fully acquire their technical sizes before decking, they 24 hours before assembling should be arranged on even surfaces in 2-3 layers.

Indoors, the rubber tiles should be decked directly in the even surface.
While decking on the ground directly, the base must be specially prepared.

The first layer: chips in thickness of 150 mm. Diameter of the grain of chips must be up to 32 mm.
The second layer: sand and stone mixture or gravel layer in thickness of 33 mm. Diameter of the grain of chips must be at least up to 8 mm.
The third layer: the same mixture, but the grain size must be smaller—up to 5 mm in diameter.
The forth layer (covering layer): – eotextile layer, on which the rubber tiles can be decked.

Attention! All intermediate layers must be firmly compacted.